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So I'm a bit of a wordpress novice, but I have been googling and watching tutorials for the past 3 hours trying to fix my problem and haven't been able to yet. 


Here's the question: I'm trying to import demo data from my theme (Oshine) and I keep getting this error: err_empty_response


I have tried clearing my cache, installed Filezilla (FTP) and tried to change my wp-config file to increase my server requirements (without success), and not sure how to fix this.


I'm hosted by Godaddy just for wordpress (no cpanel, etc.) 

I think the issue is that I don't meet 2 of these requirements:


  • MAX_INPUT_TIME = 120

But I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix! I would appreciate it if anyone could explain how to fix this!


Thanks so much!


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @ojm, you would actually make updates to those settings through a php.ini file on the server, not through your WP-config file.  The php.ini will alter the php settings on the hosting plan itself.  I was able to find the following article that discusses this process in more detail and should help you get those settings updated:  





I am experiencing issues like the connection was reset and ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE with my cPanel as well as my website. I've registered my GoDaddy Deluxe Plan just yesterday and I'm experiencing this without much traffic to my site.


I found that I was getting ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE whenever I updated one specific page on the website.   I traced the problem to the fact that were lots of pictures on the page.

The solution is to change all of the absolute addresses to relative addresses, to /wp-content/uploads/picture.png.  This can be made to happen automatically by going to "Settings/Media/" and changing 'Full URL path to files" to /wp-content/uploads, or whatever is appropriate for you media settings