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    CGI programming with python

    How do I run a CGI script on a shared server in godaddy? I have tried the methods explained on various websites to no avail

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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Hello @obIzu, if you're still having trouble, can you give us an example of what you've tried and what error messages you're receiving when you try to execute the script?  A bit more information could help someone identify ways to help you get this working properly.  Thanks.  



    I created (not uploaded) a file within cpanel named, a python file and typed code inside. I placed it in both the home folder (home directory name is home/izunna) and the cgi-bin folder at 2 different times.
    When it was stored in the home folder, I visited the urls and on the web browser (Chrome) but I kept receiving a "404 error file not found" message ( being the domain name.)
    With the file in the cgi-bin, I visited and However, it also repeated the 404 error detailed above.
    In all the cases above, I set the file and folder permissions to 0755.