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    How risky is it to Upgrade VPS?

    My site is extremely slow. and I checked the process list via "top" command, and the php-cgi (probably Wordpress) is really consuming a lot of memory. So our last resort is to upgrade from 1GB to 4GB. However, I got this warning:



    Upgrading your server to a larger size will require us to restart your server, which could take up to 3 minutes. In addition, we may be required to migrate your server to another host server, which could delay the upgrade up to 3 hours and cause your server to be stopped for up to 30 minutes.

    How risky it is? We already created a backup. 
    So if it's gonna be migrated to another host server, will it affect the domain?

    Does Upgrading RAM really accelerates the wordpress a little bit?



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    Hello vahnmarty,


    I see you have been having some issues isolating WordPress performance issues which isn't uncommon. Good news is there are a few things that can be done by you to optimize things before doing an server upgrade.


    Review this list after making a backup:


    - Updated your Theme/plugins/wordpress

    -Run a malware scan (hackers use your available resources)

    -Implement a CDN(Content Delivery Network)(

    -Optimize database (GoDaddy Service (Optimize database on the service list))



    Here is an article written by Stephani Worts on the topic of optimization (


    I hope this is helpful before upgrading your server to something bigger. 


    Have an awesome day and good luck with your Site! 

    Mike L. | WebPro