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    Need help in moving files from old VPS to new VPS

    Hello Guys,


    This is my very first post in the forum. Please forgive if i am asking any stupid questions.


    I have a 8GB VPS plan(8GB memory and 240GB storage). I've hosted 9 websites till now and the space i've used is not more than 60GB and RAM usage was never higher than 5%. I am planning to switch to the Value plan - 4GB VPS plan(4GB memory and 140GB storage). I called tech support to ask if they can help me in moving the websites and their files(cPanel files) to the new VPS if I buy, they told that they cannot support me since i am downgrading. It looks like i need to pay for the service(to transfer the files) which is almost the cost of a new 4GB VPS($55 per website and i have 9 websites already).


    At this point I cannot afford for any such services, i really need your help in this matter. Can someone help me with the instructions in backing up the complete data from the existing server and restoring the same to the new server?


    Thanks in advance




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