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    New Server --- SQL, IIS?

    I have a new server as of last night.  I was told over the phone it would take 72 hours to setup but then when I logged in I saw that I could set it up.  So I did that.  I am able to RDP in.  I would like to install SSMS and I want to use IIS to put in my websites, not Plesk.  I do not see that I can do any of that, it doesn't look like SQL is installed and IE is so locked down I can't even download Chrome.  I don't have permissions to install SSMS and nothing shows up under Servers in IIS.  Do I have to wait still to get this done?  I'm a tad confused.

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    Re: New Server --- SQL, IIS?

    I don't know what setup they told me will take 72 hours, but I'm finally installing everything myself after finding the link to enable admin access.