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    Helper I

    PHP session start problem

    Back in 2014 I coded a data entry module for a mySQL database that uses php sessions.  The code worked fine until about a week ago when I started getting error messages and other issues.  It seems the problem is that the standard php session-start procedure is failing.  For example if I run the following code:


    echo 'Session failure test' ;


    I get this result:


    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(D:\TEMP\PHP\sess_4bphq6mhpb6e010i555h3nklk2, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in D:\Hosting\xxxxxxxx\html\ImageDatabase\Session_test.php on line 2

    Session failure test

    Warning: Unknown: open(D:\TEMP\PHP\sess_4bphq6mhpb6e010i555h3nklk2, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (D:\TEMP\PHP) in Unknown on line 0


    It looks as if it is a file permission problem.  Perhaps the php.ini file is out of sync with the file permissions on the server?


    I have been unable to contact anybody in GoDaddy who has the expertise and interest to look at this issue.


    Any help resolving this issue would be gratefully received. - Mike

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    Helper I

    Today I managed to connect with a representative who ran a script including the problem procedure.  The problem was then identified and resolved within a few minutes.  I was not allowed to know the cause of the problem.

    Hey @mikeb1,


    First let me say welcome to the Community! Smiley Happy


    Sounds like the issue might have been related to an internal issue on our side as our agents can't go into much detail for security purposes. I'm just glad they were able to help identify and quickly correct it for you. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    Unfortunately it was not a quick or easy solution.  I had to call support a number of times and the general response was to run standard scripts and tell me they could not see any problem.  Generally I would say that the staff I talked to did not understand the issue.


    I also got the response that it was a programming problem and they therefore could not help me.  Even the guy who eventually solved the problem gave me that response but I was lucky enough to persuade him that it had to be a system problem.


    A similar lack of access to knowledgeable support staff caused me to give up on Verizon and Hughesnet.  I hope that GoDaddy is not going the same way.

    I just spend over an hour on with tech support for this EXACT SAME PROBLEM, even providing this page and a couple of others as an indication of what was happening and what the reported fix was. I went to that effort because I spent over two hours on with them yesterday, only to have a missing path issue be fixed and exposing the session issue.


    The end result? They are telling me the issue must be with my PHP code. I have a couple of problems with this: First, we're talking about 3 applications on two different accounts all having the same issues after working for YEARS until they moved me to another server some months back. Second, the error pretty clearly indicates an error with session_start() and file paths (which are not part of my scripting).


    I recently started freelancing and came back to my GoDaddy code to use as examples of my work and develop proof of concept and program modules. I had assumed I'd just need to alter some references to point to the new MySQL location and update a my pages somewhat, but a week later, I'm stuck with a non-functioning service.


    What this means to me is that after having multiple hosting accounts and domains for well over 10 years with Godaddy, I won't be renewing my products when they expire next month. I have no intention to continue to pay for a service I can't use, especially when I just lost a couple of job opportunities while wasting time and failing to get a once functional site going again.

    I am facing the same problem, and when I call them, they said it's not their fault, and they are not supportive at all. Such a lame. I am not sure where I would recommend anyone to be with GoDaddy. It is like they are monopolised and greedy. I wish someone teach them lessons. 

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