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    New Build & Deploy to GoDaddy FTPS

    Hello All, 

    I've searched the support site but didn't find anything directly related to the hosted version of Visual Studio.

    So, I'm currently evaluating web hosting between Azure and GoDaddy products/services to see what works from a Continuous Integration development point of view.


    I'm currently hosting code on and unable to successfully deploy files to the GoDaddy FTPS site. I've confirmed my username/password and user permissions are correct since I'm able to connect manually using FileZilla/etc over FTPS to create and delete files/folders with that deployment account. I believe the deployment issues are related to TLS certs not matching up on GoDaddy's end or with expired certs which is affecting FTP clients. error:


    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6204218Z ##[debug][connection] < '220 Microsoft FTP Service\r\n'
    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6204615Z ##[debug][parser] < '220 Microsoft FTP Service\r\n'
    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6205006Z ##[debug][parser] Response: code=220, buffer='Microsoft FTP Service'
    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6205396Z ##[debug]ftp client greeting
    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6205648Z connected: Microsoft FTP Service
    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6206038Z ##[debug][connection] > 'AUTH TLS'
    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6206529Z ##[debug][connection] < '234 AUTH command ok. Expecting TLS Negotiation.\r\n'
    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6206953Z ##[debug][parser] < '234 AUTH command ok. Expecting TLS Negotiation.\r\n'
    2018-03-25T22:05:23.6207495Z ##[debug][parser] Response: code=234, buffer='AUTH command ok. Expecting TLS Negotiation.'
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.3555583Z ##[debug][connection] > NOOP
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.3622025Z ##[debug]ftp client error, err: Error: read ECONNRESET
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.3623466Z FTP upload failed: "Error: read ECONNRESET". FTP log: "[connection] < '234 AUTH command ok. Expecting TLS Negotiation.\r\n',[parser] < '234 AUTH command ok. Expecting TLS Negotiation.\r\n',[parser] Response: code=234, buffer='AUTH command ok. Expecting TLS Negotiation.',[connection] > NOOP".
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.3624358Z ##[debug]task result: Failed
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.3679014Z ##[error]Error: read ECONNRESET
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.4069955Z ##[debug]Processed: ##vso[task.issue type=error;]Error: read ECONNRESET
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.4083070Z ##[debug]Processed: ##vso[task.complete result=Failed;]Error: read ECONNRESET
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.4083362Z disconnected
    2018-03-25T22:05:33.4083779Z ##[debug]ftp client close, hadErr:false


    Filezilla TLS Error:  


    Status:      	Connecting to a.b.c.d:21...
    Status:      	Connection established, initializing TLS...
    Error:        	GnuTLS error -15: An unexpected TLS packet was received.
    Error:        	Could not connect to server


    Expired Cert using FileZilla:
    The cert that's shown is not the cert that's on the web site... 

    Error FTPS certificate 2018-03-25.png


    Question: Has anyone encountered this issue before, if so how did you resolve it using the hosted version of VisualStudio's deploy?





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    Hi @osh

    Check out our community thread here, where this has been addressed.

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at