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    WAR file on EasyApache 4



    I was told that I could deploy a Java webapp on the VPS server, but I was provided with WHM v66, so it has EasyApache 4 installed.

    To deploy WAR app, I need Tomcat, which can be installed up to EasyApache 3 but I can't downgrade. Tomcat support will be added in 2018, but I need in asap...

    What can I do?



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    @vanpana  I face the same problem but I manage to install tomcat 7 and Java 1.8 through SSH but the problem is we can only access our java application using port 8080 ex I tried to setup reverse proxy but nothing works.

    Same here. It will only work with EasyApache3 which won't be supported soon. JSP web hosting is hard to find.