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    Charging shipping outside uk

    I’ve phoned GoDaddy twice and they are unable to help... I have a product that I sell at £12.99 and offer free uk shipping, I’ve put the settings to just uk residents that can buy the product but yet customers from outside of the uk are still able to purchase for just £12.99 and obviously it costs more to send to some countries, I’ve even found out how much it costs to send to USA, Macao, Switzerland as this is where I get customers so I added these countries in the shipping with the cost of shipping and yet again I just had another order from USA for £12.99 but it didn’t charge them the shipping that I put it? Could someone please help as I’m having to refund customers as it’s not charging shipping.

    it also says at the top of the website that we only offer free shipping in uk and contact us for worldwide shipping quote.

    regards Andrew


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