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CPanel seems to be broken on my server

I recently upgraded from the third tier on shared web hosting to the Enterprize package under business hosting and something seems broken with the email aspect. After I login to CPvanel -> e-mail account -> access webmail. I am greeted with a page that appears to be broken:

(Topic is not allowing me to upload the screenshot for some reason) 


If I click on RoundCube, for instance, the preference menu does not appear. Thus I am unable to setup forwarders, email filters, auto-replies, etc.  


Also, I am not if it is related or not, but for one of my domain's email service seems to have stopped completely. (NOTE: Microsoft Outlook/etc are still working perfectly fine sending and reciving emails...just the email for that domain via CPanel seems frozen. 


Hi @AMonkeyDevelope, thanks for posting.

I couldn't say for sure what might be causing that display issue.

It can sometimes be caused by missing files or some other conflict with the files on your hosting plan.

If you're still having trouble with this, I suggest calling our Support teams to review your hosting plan in detail with you.


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