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Cannot upload large file greated than 250MB file in Economy Hosting

I am trying to upload video file using Economy Hosting plan. tried to change upload_max_filesize,post_max_size,memory_limit in cpanel but i can't change.  is there any restriction with my hosting plan ? 


Are you changing these values in the cPanel user interface? There is a menu within cPanel under software >> Select PHP version >> PHP options. Or, are you attempting to change the value using a php.ini file? I would recommend the former. In my experience, that seems to take effect much quicker. Also, Have you uploaded a phpinfo script to see if the values have taken effect? 

Simply create a file called info.php in your website's root directory, using FTP r the built in file manager. In the file add the following code. 

<?php phpinfo() ?>

Save the file, and navigate to "" It will pull up a bunch of php settings. Simply search for the setting, and make sure those settings have taken effect. You can use the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut to search for those values. 

If you still have trouble, you can always simply upload your files using FTP, instead of whatever upload script you are currently using

Thank you for the support, i already tryied all of above mentioned. still can't upload larger file. is there any way to solve this issue ?