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Cant find FTP Login information

Ive been looking all around in the godaddy website, and on youtube tutorials on how to obtain my GoDaddy FTP login for my website. Ive purchased a domain and set up the website with a default pre-made template. I'm trying to get my full FTP login information so that i can inject MyBB into my site via FileZilla.


All the tutorials say to simple "login and click web hosting", but i cant find web hosting anywhere that shows my information. After a few clicks, i did find a web hosting section, but then its asking me to purchase it. The thing is, ive already purchased an entire website/domain? Does the Hosting and website count as two seperate things? Am i missing something here?

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Hi 👋 @ReviveRolepla,

its late here so I'll answer your questions briefly for now and perhaps in more detail tomorrow. 

What do you see when you type in your domain name in a browser? 'Future home of something cool'?


Normally a domain name plus hosting is indeed needed. Your domain name is like your home address. Your hosting is like rooms in which to put your contents and belongings. You need both. Your domain just tells a browser where to look for those contents. 

If you get stuck at any time just either send me a message ( or any other nice forum member) or have a wee chat with support 😀

Goodnight from Scotland and welcome to the forum 😀

When i type my domain name in my browser, it just directs me to the website. ( Ive had multiple friends go on it as well and it shows for them as a normal official website, so its not private/personal or anything.


From what im reading, it seems that purchasing a website/domain and a web hosting service are two seperate things. If i purchase a web hosting service, will it then unlock all the "Web Hosting" options to manage website stuff such as accessing the FTP login information?

Hi @ReviveRoleplay.

Taking a look at your site, it looks like you are using Website Builder or GoCentral. This is a website building tool that does not include FTP access. As such, you would not be able to install other applications/tools via FTP.

While it's generally not possible to use Website Builder/GoCentral and web hosting on the same website, one option for you would be to purchase a separate hosting plan and set it up using a subdomain, such as 


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