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Changed MX Record from Gmail to GoDaddy email with my account

On Thursday, I changed my website email from a gmail account to one set up through go Daddy.


With help of Go Daddy , I deleted my mx settings and installed the new one.


It is now 44 hours and when I check it still shows a gmail account for mx on MX checkers.


I do receive forms that are fill out on the website, but can receive yet from an outside link.


site is


This is the first time I have tried setting up a website so I really want it to work correctly before we publish paperwork with information.


Hi @bowling300, thanks for posting.

Looking at the domain at this time, I'm not seeing any Google MX Records. You might have just been seeing some slow propagation/updates.

If you were still having trouble with it, you might want to call Support to take a detailed look at your domain name and your email plan.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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