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Clear Web Cache for non-Wordpress Website

Changes made to the .css file for the website haven't persisted, and any attempts to manually clear the web cache via ssh into the cpanel server have been stymied by inadequate permissions. As we're using economy web hosting, however, I'm now assuming the permissions are there because the server is hosting multiple websites. Likewise, getting root/sudo access would be impossible for me.


Is there a workaround for clearing the web cache manually? Or do I need to request GoDaddy to do it for me? The website is:

Community Manager

Hi @Padma. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! It's true that you wouldn't have the right permissions to make server level changes for a Shared Hosting account. However, from what I understand, CSS is a browser side scripting language (like HTML) as opposed to servers side (like PHP). This means that it's not likely that the server is caching anything for your CSS files. It's way more likely that this is an issue within the browser itself. I'd suggest testing the changes in a cacheless browser window (Chrome incognito, FireFox private window, etc). Hope that helps. If not, maybe you could provide some additional details about your situation. Others in the community may have more suggestions for you. 


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