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Connecting Perl Script to MySQL

Hi Guys,

Moving one of my sites from traditional control panel to CPanel

This site uses a MySQL db 

Successfully created and imported the old data via the CPanel

Trying to figure out the correct perl cgi connection (host setup is different from the tradiational control panel)

Here's my perl cgi


sub SetupMySQLDB{
use DBI;
$db = "godaddydbname";
$host = 'localhost:3306';
$user = $db; # your Database name is the same as your account name.
$pwd = "dbuserpassword";
$dbcon = "dbi:mysql:$db:$host";
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "connecting<br>";
$dbh = DBI->connect( $dbcon, $user, $pwd);
print "connected<br>";


If I comment out the $dbh = line, it runs fine.

Uncommented, it fails to connect.


any ideas with what's wrong here?




Re: Connecting Perl Script to MySQL


After talking to GoDaddy support, they advise that I should not include the port (?) 3306 and that the User should be added to the DB in CPanel, user added and port removed from code.


So now the code looks like this:

sub SetupMySQLDB{
  use DBI;
  $db = "godaddydbname"; #edited out actual db name
  $host = 'localhost';
  $user = 'DBUserName'; #edited out actual username
  $pwd = "dbuserpassword"; #edited out actual password
  $dbcon = "dbi:mysql:$db:$host";
  print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
  print "connecting: >>> $dbcon, $user, $pwd<br>";
  $dbh = DBI->connect( $dbcon, $user, $pwd);
  print "connected<br>";


Same condition. 

Checked the error logs and it shows the error is in the $dbh = DBI line.




Re: Connecting Perl Script to MySQL - SOLVED

I was able to get a GoDaddy ticket to solve this one.


My code was just fine, the problem was the perl call.


Old code header:



Updated code header:

use cPanelUserConfig;



My test code worked just fine using the updated code header.


Thanks GoDaddy, Brian and your team. Good job.