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Cpanel and Hosting speed



I'm an old GoDaddy user and I have hosted plenty of sites here, but lately, I feel that my HawkHost hosting is quite better as for cpanel hosting as well as price/performance. Why is GoDaddy cpanels so slow and lack of functions? I'm hosting this site on HawkHost and it's10x cheaper and faster than onGoDaddyy. But godaddy was one of the fastest hostings I used 2-3 years ago. What happened/

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Re: Cpanel and Hosting speed

Hey there @jeepy,


One issue is that you're most likely using a shared server. Yes, it's cheaper, but there's a reason and there are downsides. The reason it's cheap is because you share it with a lot of other people. They use the resources of the server as well. So, if you have a lot of sites on said server, you will experience some slowdown.


HawkHost isn't as big of a hosting company. This means there aren't as many people sharing the resources. The speed increase you're experiencing there on their shared hosting is an illusion and will go away once they gain customers because it's typical to "oversell" shared hosting platforms to maximize profits.


Another issue is that most people don't take the time nor know how to optimize their WordPress sites correctly for optimal speed. 99% of the time this is the problem with slow WordPress sites on ANY hosting platform. It takes a lot to get them to operate the way you want. This guide may help you a bit.


As a professional who's been doing this for almost 20 years, give or take, if you have 10 websites that are running and they're part of your business, then you should be on Business hosting or higher. Shared servers are for noobs and novices to practice or to start out on as a low-cost alternative to better hosting. You get what you pay for and if you're not paying more in a month for your website hosting/maintenance than you pay for your cell phone plan, then you don't a business... you have a hobby.

There are a lot of possible reasons, however. For a better answer, you may want to look at hiring a pro to help you optimize your sites for the best possible speed on any hosting platform.

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