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Domain name registered on godaddy won't transfer to a godaddy hosting plan from the old one

Hello GD community,


Basic facts:

1. Domain registered under godaddy, on my own account

2. New hosting plan under godaddy, on my own account

3. Old hosting plan under godaddy, on my own account


I have purchased a new hosting plan and wanted to move my domain name to this new plan from the old one, however it doesn't show in the drop down list of "pick a domain" page under cPanel Setup.


I guess it's because its still connected to the old hosting while is still active? The old hosting will expire on July 8, 2017, I don't want to wait until then before I can use my new hosting plan and migrate my files... What should I do?


Thanks in advance.



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Hello @callmemarkkk ??

basic answer:


How do I redirect?

Is it a good solution?

I will be cancelling my previous hosting which is currently connected to this domain.


Is redirect a good long term solution?

Can I still setup subdomain even if it's redirect?

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Hi @callmemarkkk,

you have to go into DNS settings in order to redirect. 


You can make it temporary or permanent, so yes it can indeed be a permanent solution. You could for example first copy all your files to your new hosting, redirect and then later just let the old hosting go. Beware though that with a change of hosting, the IP address for the new hosting is also new! So if for example you use a FTP agent to upload files, the IP will have to be updated! I believe that CMS may also be affected by this too. Just as long as you are aware. 

Me personally I would have just updated or renewed my original hosting, much easier.

Hi @Retired, got it, thanks a bunch for the fast response! 🙂