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Drupal 7 does not allow me install module and themes

I just signed on for the Godaddy economy shared hosting plan.


I have installed Drupal via the cpanel and my website in up and running, but I see that this drupal installation does not offer any clickable links to install modules and themes.


I'm new to Godaddy hosting. I dunno if this is some configuration on their part that has disabled module/theme installation. I do need to customize my site, but yet has no way of doing so. The customer service at Godaddy seem just as clueless as myself.


Hi @okey_on,


Welcome to the Community!

Drupal itself is not a GoDaddy product. The GoDaddy customer support team can help with the correct function of the hosting server, but not the use of the third-party application. There may be others in this volunteer community that can help with Drupal. Or you may wish to go to the Drupal forum to see if you can find an answer there.



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