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Emails not sending from different email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.)


We got the C-Panel hosting package 2 years ago, and one of the main reasons we bought into it was "unlimited, free email addresses". So we set up a couple. And they worked fine for about 1.5 years (we used IMAP and 993 SSL+465 SSL). Then suddenly last summer out of nowhere these email addresses were not able to send any emails any more through our various email clients (Outlook 2010, Apple Mail, Thunderbird) - we could only receive mails. So every time we wanted to send something out, we had to log into our webmail accounts and do it from there. 
After doing this time consuming process for about six months (and trying the email client sending a few more times in the beginning), I gave it another try a few weeks ago. And lo and behold: after I went into each of my accounts on Outlook once again (files -> account settings -> choose account ->...) and clicked through it until I arrived at "send test message"  it suddenly worked again!!! For about a week. Then it was back to not working. So again, we can only receive emails for all our C-Panel accounts n our different email clients, not send any.

Are we seriously the only ones who seem to have this problem? I searched for days through forums and spent a full day calling GoDaddy reps all over the planet. Only to be told this must be an Outlook issue. No, it's not. It also doesn't work in Apple Mail. And neither does it work in Thunderbird. 

So what the heck is going on here?!?

Thanks a lot for any advice!


Hi @EVMU, thanks for posting.

What was the exact error message you were receiving and what were the exact settings you were using in Outlook?

Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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