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Error message trying to access cPanel (Cannot GET /[object%20Object])

I am getting this error message when trying to access my cPanel: 


Cannot GET /[object%20Object] 

 My whole site is down and I cannot find a firm answer as to why I'm getting this error message, can anyone help? 


Cannot GET /[object%20Object]&goto_uri=frontend/gl_paper_lantern/filemanager/index.html


similar issue. please help!

I am also getting the message "Cannot GET /[object%20Object]" when trying to access CPanel on Economy North America Server...First discovered issue 7/29/18 and assumed servers were down but didn't receive notification like I usually would and issue persists today 7/30.  Please advise when this issue will be resolved!

I'm hit now too, it's been less than 24 hours and Go Daddy has told me it's a server crash and they are frantically trying to move all the sites on the shared server to another one and that these things are inevitable and occur from time to time.  Worst case scenario is that my site is lost completely.  Best case is that the site can be fully restored.  I want to know if this is in fact possible and if someone's site was fully restored at some point because I am sick to my stomach about this!!!


They said it could take a couple of hours to 3 days.  JOY.

Mine was restored after a total of 4 days and 3 hours spent on 2 different phone calls...they claimed to have restored my site but however it was recovered it had so many database errors and theme problems that I had to reset the server and start over on a 15 page site that I was about to show to the client and had spent 2 weeks on.  


So yes, be afraid.  Also, keep calling b/c they closed my ticket and it wasn't even resolved so I had to call back to get fixed twice.  Oh, and my backups were corrupted as well somehow as well (local) they end up billing me for more services since they're backups are off-site at least. 


Some of it is my fault for not having better backup system in place but still...pretty rough experience.

Mine was restored after 24 hours and I had support fix my two scripts.  Thank god for that.  I got lucky this time as it's been a while since I've backed up manually but I went ahead and paid for automatic backups with another company.