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Form Mail with Deluxe Linux and Cpanel

Transferred an existing and working website to GoDaddy Deluxe Linux with Cpanel hosting and my Form Mail no longer works.  Called tech support multiple times and they are of no help, tell me to look online.  Asked for an example of working code and they can't provide it.  Called their Web Developers willing to pay them to fix it, not interested.  They will not work on code they did not create and only want to do sites from scratch.  Asked them for guidance and sample code, was told they can't give it.


Is it to much to ask for a working example that includes Cpanel settings, I think not.  At this point, I'm stuck seeking help elsewhere and I'm moving all my sites out of GoDaddy as soon as I can.  There are numerous complaints about this on the web and their forums but no solutions.


The first thing to check is the setting in cPanel under MX entry. Should be set to remote if you use anything other than the mail built into cPanel. 


As far as an example of a form that works: