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Forum down since domain redirect to WIX

I originally had a website hosted with godaddy i made through the website builder, due to costs I have decided to use wix to build a website. I also have a phpbb forum on my godaddy account. Since i directed my wix website to my domain name, the forum has dropped now its saying ip address cannot be found. Im a complete and utter newb, i use tutorials to creatre anything, can anyone help me as to why my forum has dropped, I didnt think it was connected to the website ?

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If your forum was located on your domain name, when you moved to Wix, the forum would go off-line (not be connected as you noted) because your domain now has Wix nameservers.  If you did not cancel your GoDaddy hosting, the forum files would still be on GoDaddy.  


If your forum was a subdomain (, Wix has a tutorial for you to follow:  Tutorial: Connecting a Subdomain to Your Wix Site


HTH! 😉

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I think I have done it, thanks to you 🙂