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Godaddy Domain Redirecting to a wrong link & show File not found (404 error) page

I recently completely reset my website and attempted to add a new page to test it out. I added a help.html in my main public_html, since my site is the primary domain. I went to, my website. It loads my customized home.html page. But then I go to the url and change it to and hit enter. The site redirects to, a secure page, but it displays the 404 Cannot be found page. Then I take out the help.html in the url and hit enter again, and the page it displays is GoDaddy's default home.html page without my customizations.


I wasn't intending to mess around with this so much, but I created a folder in a subdirectory in my web_html called /.well-known/acme-challenge to put a text file in there, setting up a third party SSL certificate, and I observed that I kept getting a file not found response when I attempted to reference the text files by URL. I don't know why my website is acting up, but I have no settings. I literally reset it completely before I did all this, and I only have one domain.


By the way, I am not using the website builder. It just wouldn't let me post this without another label. I don't know why. I'm just using Linux CPanel Deluxe.


I recently purchased web hosting for my sole domain, I modified nothing. I simply customized the home.html file and added a help.html file with the same code but a different message so I could mess around between the two. I then deleted the 404 page because I did not want the customized page showing up. I also added a folder in the web_html with some files that I want to access. The issue is if I go to in my browser, it will take me to my page that I customized. But if I attempt to navigate to my subdirectory files directly, then GoDaddy will take me to a secure webpage https displaying the 404 page that I deleted. I don't know why this keeps redirecting me. Then, if I try to go back to my homepage by removing everything after, it takes me to GoDaddy's default page and not my page in https.


By the way, I am not using wordpress. The dumb Labels box just requires two labels from me for some reason, so I picked that one.

I waited 24 hours after hosting so see if the nameservers were weird, I reset everything on my hosting account and started fresh. Nothing works. GoDaddy's files keep showing up where mine should be, and the 404 page keeps interfering with me trying to directly access subdirectories in my web_html on my site.


Hi @cadenyoung, thanks for posting.

I couldn't tell what changes were made to the home page, but the help page you mentioned is loading for me without any issues. I also wasn't redirected to HTTPS at any point. Were you able to get this sorted out?

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