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I have purchased a hosting with a free e-mail planning for 1 year.

it's gonna expired within a 1 month or less. 

Now! my question is want to renew this hosting


can buy a new hosting plan with a free e-mail plan for 1 or 2 years again?

if i let them expired old and but a new hosting plan, is it possible to host my domains to with a new hosting? coz when i buy a new one. old one will be available until its expired. right now all my domains are connected with this hosting so. Give me suggestion for buy a new hosting with a mail or continue with a old hosting.

if i renew, maybe i wont get mail plan and other free stuffs

but if i buy new, I can get all new stuffs.

so my question is if i buy a new hosting plan, it will work my websites?

Former Employee

Hi @gobi1122,


Thanks for posting in The GoDaddy Community! These are all important questions and you picked the right time to ask them (before expiration).

However, some free products renew (if you renew before expiration) and some do not. Also, you may need to migrate content or have down time if you purchase new hosting.


I suggest you tell our sales and support team (linked below) what you want to do at the lowest cost of money and difficulty and let them look in your account and advise you.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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