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Home page linked with Instapage

Please Help.

I'm trying to set up, Instapage (tools for create landingpage) and.. the only what i need to do is create a CNAME Record: Host: www Points to: it's all.

I did, but my hompage show that: 

I've create subdomain with the same configuration and works weel: 

but the homepage i can't do that. Somebody know about integration Instapage-Godaddy?

Super User II

Changes to the DNS can take up to 48 hours to resolve.


Also, you can forward to 

if you want the site accessible with and without www.


  • 301 (Permanent) redirect
  • Forward only (don't use masking)

Thank, just one more question before make a forward.

After of read your answer i've create this subdomain in theory it's the homepage, but, the change of it don't show yet.

My question is: I can do forward od to  while I wait 48 hours for DNS change? I mean, after 2 days, just remove the forward? or, after the time i can the change of DNS into www and wait 48 hours again?

Well, forwarding involves a change to the DNS.  So that would add another wait instead of reducing.  So that shouldn't be used to fix broken settings, but that method can help reduce downtime for a server migration or other planed maintenance (plan, set up temporary site, apply forwarding, wait 48 hours, preform maintenance, test, remove forwarding and update DNS -- and note that would be for a static website, it would be more complicated with databases etc.).


Also it usually does not take a full 48 hours to propagate, most commonly an hour or two.  Keep in mind that there are servers all around the world directing the domains, which update independently at different intervals (so for example if you and a neighbor have different ISPs, one house may see the changes in 45 minutes while the other does not until 90 minutes).  You'll usually see or hear up to 48 hours to give the servers plenty of time to update.