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Host IP address not showing site

I have a hosting plan here at Godaddy. I click on the manage button next to the hosting plan to get to my cpanel... It lists an IP address there, showing Now when I goto that it is giving me The Future home of something cool. But if I goto the domain pointed to it. then I get the splash page... am I doing something wrong? I would like to use the ip address for a couple things but it seems like it's not working. anytime I try a link with that ip address it says File Not found. 


If I click on the login link on the future home of something cool splash page it just takes me to cpanel login. I login and there is my Cpanel... 


Same problem here my domain is being transfering and my website ip showing coming soon page instead i have deleted that page from my public_html folder

Same issue for me. The Coming Soon page suggests that I need to 'launch' my site, but by that I assume that all I needed to do was put my files in the public_html directory.


GoDaddy - is this a limitation of not having a valid Domain/DNS entry pointing to the IP address?

Actually - thinking about it, it's probably something to do with a shared IP and host headers. The IP that we see advertised on our site cPanel is not a static IP. By just using the IP address the server has no idea of where the web request should be directed to.


So looks like we'll need to set up a domain.