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Hosting with external domain

Hello Team,

I would love to get some help on an issue we have.


Right now, we have our website (built with wordpress) hosted on GoDaddy (linux shared hosting). Our main domain (domain 1 - registered with godaddy) is not the domain we use for business (business cards, email, etc.) but our website is hosted under this domain. The domain we use for business (domain 2) is registered with another service provider and displays our website using a "web forwarder" - meaning domain 2 just displays the content on domain 1 but does not have actual content on it.


One one side - the webiste and it's features work with no issue, however, on the other hand, domain 2 does not rank on search engines but domain 1 does.


Our query - is there any way to set the main domain for a website hosted on GoDaddy as an external domain (belonging to another registar).


We will not be able to transfer the domain from the current registar as we have mail accounts and other collaterals connected to the mentioned domain. And we don't want to move hosting from GoDaddy to the provider where our business domain is registered as we would like to stick with GoDaddy.


Note: Currently the website is in the root holder of the hosting (/public_html) under the main domain registered with GoDaddy. Previously - The website was built in a sub-folder under the externel domain - added to GoDaddy as an add-on domain.


We would love if there would be any way to make the external domain the main domain for our website, ideally without moving our domain or our website.

Community Manager

Hi @Amjad-e3corp. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


If I understand your situation correctly, your first domain is the primary domain on a cPanel hosting plan but you want to use another domain (that is registered elsewhere) in place of it. This is possible. In fact, there are a number of ways you can do this. The easiest would probably be to add your second domain to the hosting plan at GoDaddy as an addon (if it hasn't already been) and make sure that the root for that domain is set as /public_html. This would essentially make the site load for both domains. 


Once you have the domain set as an addon, you can look up the nameservers it will need to use. You can set those with your current registrar and that will point the second domain toward the hosting plan. 


You won't want to keep both domains pointing to the same website as having two domains showing the same content can affect SEO results. You'll want to use a redirect to forward traffic from your first domain to the second domain. You may be able to do this using the redirect feature within cPanel or through .htaccess scripting. Hope that helps you move in the right direction. 


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