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Is the Hosting experiencing problems?

Good day,


I'm checking up on my site.

When I viewed it, it says this message.


This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.


I tried editing index.php to include a "die" command and that doesn't execute.


Is the hosting okay?

Not applicable

Hi @Sofia_2017,

what is your domain name?

Good day,


Thank you for your reply.


This is the domain name.


When I try browsing the URL, it says "The connection has timed out"


I put this line in index.php.


die('This website is under maintenance');


However, it does not reach that.

Former Employee

Hi @Sofia_2017,


It looks like your domain name is having trouble communicating with the nameservers. I would recommend calling in and talking to one of the Tech Support Representatives. They should be able to check it out and make sure your domain name is properly connected.


Diamond J.