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LinkSuperCharger Software Does Not Work With Hosting Acquired By EIG

First of all, was my hosting service acquired by EIG?  I am trying use LinkSuperCharger software which involves uploading the install.php file to a newly created root directory folder named "recommends."  The installation is then executed from that location and the program installs.  The software works fine with the exception of being able to create different categories for my created links. I should be able to create multiple categories to categorize my links.  The software only allows me to create one category.  I had the owner of the software take a look and here is their response:

       Thanks for the details - I have taken a look and this is a server incompatibility issue i'm afraid.
It looks like your hosting might be one of the ones that was acquired by EIG group. EIG is a business group, which has acquired many popular Web-hosting company and domain registrar. - And now they have a virtual monopoly, they are saving pennies by limiting what services are available to their shared hosting clients. 


Now I am thinking I have no choice but switch hosting companies because I really need this software to work.  Is anyone willing to explain or take a look at my issue before I take the leap to a new hosting company?




Community Team
Community Team

Hi @tslazyk5894, GoDaddy hosting is not affiliated with EIG in any way, so if you're hosting with us you would not be affected by any of the information that you were given pertaining to that issue.  

I would suggest confirming that the LinkSuperCharger software you are trying to use is compatible with the type of hosting plan you have.  It may be that you would need more user permissions than a shared hosting plan would allow, however you can investigate the option of using either a VPS or Dedicated Server to run the program.  

Please give our live support teams a call to discuss your options in more detail.  Thank you.