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Need some help with Magento


I have installed these extensions below on my Magento 2 successfully:


But the problem now I cant use these extensions it looks like doesn't work.
The company who is made these extensions told me to talk to Godaddy about this issue they just describe it to me but they didn't tell me why it happening.


You can see their reply below:
"There is some issue in form submission on your server that Vishal must have informed you about. The issue in detail is that whenever the data is submitted from a form in PHP then it is sent to the server in the form of a string and then it is parsed and assigned to a "postdata" named object. We have checked that on your website the form data is received till here. After this, the Magento uses its getParams function to get the data and this is where all the data is getting lost and that's why you are unable to save the featured categories. Please try to fix this issue and then try to save it again."




Helper V

You must crosscheck your code and I suggest consulting an expert

Please give it a +1 and also click "Mark As Accepted Solution" if you find it satisfactory. Thanking You With Regards | Harry Parmar

Go Daddy is my IT department. They can load Magento 2.3 but they can not get it to run - for months now - its a composition my site is crashed and the shop NEVER worked and I've paid $ and hired experts $$ and hired more experts....Go Daddy says its done its job by loading Magento 2.3 - but not getting it to work...after months.


Go Daddy is my IT department. They have and have used my credit card without restraint. 


So, is anyone out there running Magento 2.3 on a Go Daddy server (of any kind or configuration with 2g or 4g memory upgrades....?


Looking for some technology allows deaf people to hear, anyone love someone with hearing loss? Well, help me help others, please.