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New joomla website

I've created a new Joomla localhost site and would like to replace my existing Joomla Godaddy site with my new one.  Should I delete files from my current site?  Should I delete my old MySQL database?  Can you provide some direction ( is there a tutorial?)

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Re: New joomla website

I typically do not delete things from my hosting, especially before I have the replacement up and running @sanpeter. I would say that you should move your current Joomla install to a subdirectory and then configure the replacement to the root of your hosting. When you have your new website up and working properly you can delete the old install as well as the associated databases. It is my policy to insure I have all of the items I require before I delete from hosting.


If you don't want to go that route I'd suggest that you backup the existing website then backup the website again. Before you delete the current website you should make sure to back your content up again. Also backup before you delete your existing content. It is my experience that I you can't have too many backups. I hope that helps?


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Re: New joomla website

Thanks.  Moved old site to pc, then loaded new site.  Now up and running.  Thanks again.