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PHP Form Mailer sending mail continuously

For the past 6 years, I having been using GoDaddfy's PHP Form Mailer.  No problems.  I have not made any recent changes.

Starting this past weekend, the form mailer sends the same mails every 15 minutes.  So instead of 4 emails, I have hundreds.

Until last week, the sender on form responses was:
Since this weekend, they arrive From: and responses repeat every 15 minutes.

The difference in sender may indicate that a change was made to GoDaddy's mailer.  

The default interval (which I use) on GoDaddy's mailer is 15 minutes.  
So it seems to me that the form response data is not being cleared after sending. Has this changed recently?






I have the same problem.  The same messages are being received from the Form Mailer every 15 minutes.   Also, all of my messages are going into the Bulk Mail folder.  The sender on all of my messages is  I do not know what the sender was previously because the duplicate emails have now overwhelmed our mailbox capacity and I think I can only see emails from a time period after all the problems started.

Hi @propertymanager and @NickIO. If you're still having this problem, please try reinstalling the default mail scripts for your account. I've seen that fix the issue for other users. Hope that helps. 

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