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Primary domain cPanel "Not already hosted elsewhere"

I'm trying to migrate from Classic hosting to cPanel. I already deleted my classic hosting so as to free my domain and be able to add it to cPanel as primary domain. But I get a "Not already hosted elsewhere" message. 

I changed the A record in DNS and the domain points correctly to the shared hosting landing page.  BUT cPanel won't let me select it.

Does the SSL certificate have anything to do with this issue? All the products are in Godaddy.

I've spent literally 1 hour with South America support on the phone but they were unable to figure out the problem. I would very much appreciate any help. Thank you.


Helper I

Hey, @Lescano,


Here's a page that walks you through the process.


The fact that you already closed your original hosting account might be a problem.  I always have an FTP account to my hosting so I can at least copy the files for a particular site to my PC for eventual backup.  Backing up databases is important too -- if you have them.


Normally, if you are setting up a "new hosting", you can pick the domain from a list, and the backend process will fix/update the DNS entries.  I think there's something special tagged in the DNS that tells the GoDaddy backend that your site is already hosted on one of their products... and that's how they keep it from appearing in your list for a new host.  You might consider -- now that the site isn't working anyway -- removing the "unusual entries" from the DNS (copy them all first!), and see if that allows the entry to show up in your "new sites" listing.


Sorry you don't have good support abroad.  I live in the Phoenix, AZ area, about 30 minutes from the GoDaddy offices.  I've always had good experience with GoDaddy support here... but I know called to the states would be expensive for you.



Note: I'm not a GoDaddy employee or support person.

Not a GoDaddy employee or support staff; I am a GoDaddy Pro with significant experience using a variety of GoDaddy services.

Thank you for your answer. I copied the whole site to the cPanel hosting before I deleted the old, so no worries there. I also deleted all the unnecessary DNS entries but it doesn't help. Funny thing, Goddady allows me to create a working email account with the domain in question. But it doesn't allow me to link it to cPanel...very odd. I've just contacted Godaddy through the chat interface and they suggested that I "Add DNS Hosting", but when I tried to, it said that the domain was already hosted... spent another hour... and then it was "concluded" that the problem SEEMS to be only 16 hours had elapsed since I deleted the old hosting at Godaddy... that I have to wait 24 to 48 hours for propagation. (Notice Name Servers were never changed, only the A record to point to cPanel's IP. And if that is accurate, why does email work? and Why does the domain take me correctly to the cPanel's IP already?)

Why can't I select the domain as primary in cPanel?

I've been a client of Godaddy for over 10 years... and this domain's been working all right with them. I'm now dissapointed client ...every time I contact them on the same issue, I get a different answer which does NOT solve my problem. Meanwhile, my site is offline...

I hope this will get solved soon. But I fear if I wait 48 hours and that is not the real cause of my problem, my site will then stay offline long enough to hurt my business.

How can I get in contact with knowledgeable technical support that can solve or assure me it will get solved promptly?