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Problem changing Primary domain

I have just transferred a domain to my GoDaddy hosting, and I would like to use it as Primary domain. However, I already have a Primary domain here, so it would need to be changed. But whenever I click on Change Primary domain, I always get a message saying something went wrong, try again later. Or if I try in Incognito window, the process starts, but a loader keeps turning for eternity and nothing actually happens.
I have set up this newly transferred domain to point to public_html just like the one that is now set as primary. So right now what this newly transferred domain does is redirect to the other one which is set as primary.
I would be OK with removing the recent primary domain, but it is not allowed either. Any idea what I can do?


Hi @NotARobotIam,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to solve the issue with your primary domain and DNS direction? If you can share the actual domain names involved, members of the Community can look externally at the DNS being used. 


Have you used either domain elsewhere in the GoDaddy system on a hosting plan? Are you using the DNS to direct one name to another, or have you set up a forwarding command? More specifics may be helpful in trying to clarify what actions you're trying to take in the account and the type of hosting plan you're using.



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