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Question - Website move to from public_html to subfolder



Recently i got Deluxe hosting plan, and i cancelled the existing WordPress hosting plan. 


I wanted to move/migrate my website from one hosting plan to another, and i moved my website with no problem. 


Well the website is in the /public_html folder and since i have Deluxe, i wanted to make it to be in subfolder /public_html/website1/


Since i want to add other websites to this hosting plan, and i dont want one website in root, then another one is in subfolder... and so on.


So, my question is, what is the procedure for this kind of things? Do i need to change or create .htcacess file? Move files from root folder to new subfolder?


It is WordPress website, i want the url to stay the same not to go to , currently it is ok, but when i move it to subfolder.



I tried to explain my situation as clear as i could, if someone is familiar with these scenarios, it would be greatly appriciated if you could share some info.





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Re: Question - Website move to from public_html to subfolder

hi @oglasi,


Its all here:


and each website needs it's own domain name (bought and registered). So to reach it you wouldn't type the same domain name as your main site. That's why you are having to type etc etc.

No different to and if you bought the domain, that's a fancy expensive file you just created.


Re: Question - Website move to from public_html to subfolder

Thanks for reply, i managed to fix the issue mixing yours and other sources.

What i wanted is the root public_html to only have subfolders for websites, nothing else, i didn want to have in publick_html/wp-content etc. for main website, and also in the same public_html/mywebsite2.


I wanted them all to be in their subfodlers..





and so on..


Problem was when you select main domain for specific hosting plan, it automaticly creates that site in root folder. But like i said i somehow managed to make it work the way i wanted.


Re: Question - Website move to from public_html to subfolder

Can you please explain the whole procedure. I am facing the same problem but don't know how to solve it.

Hoping for a reply soon.