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Resources Reach Thresholds on "SINGLE" webpage visit

I am hosting a single wordpress site on the linux economy shared hosting plan.

Resource limits seem to reach their limits, when a single visitor loads the site.


Key Notes:

  1. Vanilla Wordpress Installation
  2. Basic plugins - Wordfence,Jetpack,Akismet
  3. Not Image Heavy - Handful of Smushed / GIMP Flattened / Responsified Images

I kept Getting Resource Levels breached Notifications, and decided to investigate.


Apparently, the PHP version desperately needs an upgrade to 7. There were innumerable security threats patched for PHP 5. Also, Opcache is not optimal in PHP 5. Also Memory Leaks galore.


If you can not upgrade to 7 for whatever reasons best known to you, make those reasons and an ETA to PHP 7 visible when people choose a hosting plan.




That said, there is Absolutely NO Reason why PHP 5.6 which I chose, should TOP the CPU and RAM charts.


Is there a leak Not fixed? 


What could be the possible reason for PHP hogging 90% Available CPU and Memory?

On a Single visit?

Do you use SUPHP OR fast CGI?


A Note to those who might suggest "Caching plugins for WP".


  1. Caching plugins, Improve the delivery of your site
  2. They do it at the cost of CPU and Memory Consumption - Which target your resource limits

Right Now, with a site of 4-5 posts and 3-5 pages, and maybe 2-5 visitors per day, 


I do not need to expand my attack vector by employing more plugins.


I Intend to use opcache, coupled with a basic object cache that uses a remote redis server.

This , is AMPLE caching for a blog, with moderate traffic.


The problem is NOT Caching, But an unaddressed memory leak, somewhere on the shared host.

Also, There is NO way, a hoster, can debug where the memory leak is, except on his own Jailed Home on the shared host.


Re: Resources Reach Thresholds on "SINGLE" webpage visit

Hello @Schrodingerscat,


Thank you for posting. If you're hitting resource limits with a single visitor there's something going on there. Especially if you've got a vanilla WordPress with nothing installed and are having the issue. I'd recommend reaching out to our support team


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Re: Resources Reach Thresholds on "SINGLE" webpage visit

@Heather Hey! Unfortunately, Tech support is currently, 


  1. A Queue where we have to wait , to get in touch with hard selling , sales oriented , product pitching agents - may be they are trained as much
  2. A Queue where, we have to wait ~5mins minimum, to land an agent who is found WANTING in technical know how

I figured, I might find the community more useful.