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Running Python Website in Godaddy Delux shared hosting

I am an experienced PHP professional and here to ask a simple question. I have bought a Godaddy Delux(Shared) Plan which mainly support PHP as server-side language. But, now, i want to develop my web application in Python. So, i have installed latest version 3.4.6 of Python using SSH. and Python script is executing successfully when i keep .py file in public_html folder.


So, my question is:

Will i face any issue (like communicating with Payment Gateway, sending email, Curl Communication, DB connection, etc.) in future if i will go with Python to develop my website in Godaddy Delux hosting? Please suggest and give your opinion. Warm Welcome!!!

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Hi @amrit,

Oooh, breath of fresh air, ahhh.

I personally don't see many problems as there are some BIG websites out there that are built on python

(you know it's named after Monty Python, not the snake):


Youtube is one of the biggest.


I think if you are good enough you could probably run your site on machine code! I love 'C' personally. I once had my computer science teacher laugh about my choice. He said it was old and best forgotten. I had the last laugh though because he taught MySQL and that's written in 'C'.

Along with most of Wordpress, as php was written in C too. 

So if Youtube don't run into problems, I don't think you will with a bit of know how. Well done and welcome to the forum Smiley Happy

Hello @Retired,

Thanks for quick reply and guiding me. One thing i got from your reply that you are the one who believe in OLD IS GOLD. 🙂

But, My query was a little different. I am asking about "Deploying a big Python web application in Godadday Linux Delux(shared) hositng plan".

I want to ask "Does the Godadday Linux Delux(shared) hosting plan support full features of Python and can i go with Python (to develop BIG web application) in Godadday Linux Delux(shared) hosting?"

Thanks Again!!!


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Hi @amrit,


Well, I guess if you are going to be the next big YouTube or Amazon, I would speak with support first. A little like building a boat in your back yard / garden. First make sure you can get it out!! lol


Don't forget me if you make it big......... Smiley Happy


It's not quite that 'Old is Gold'. It's that what they don't tell you in a computer science course is that 'C' comes a very close second to Java as the worlds most used language. That ALL the major languages were either written with or copied 'C', and that when out in the big bad world, the real world, that most computer programmers will have the job of maintaining 'C' programs, not designing new ones. Sources the IEEE.

Also that with 'C', you can do anything, it's the punk rock of languages.

And this may shock you.... but Python is written in C with the most common version being CPython which is probably what you wish to use. 


I could virtually write the code you write with!


Those that mock the power of 'C' really know nothing. Mocking 'C' is like mocking Latin as being the source for all western languages. 

I have uploaded python files but code is not able to recognize it.However code works fine when i run locally.Pleae advice

Hi Amrit

Were you able to run your python code on the go daddy site?