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So Frustrating!!! Starting OVER

I resetted my account. Now I can't get into wordpress. tried uninstalling reinstalling. Been doing this for 2 days straight. Is this always this bad????

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Hi @djma777,

unfortunately resetting your account has invariably erased everything!! When it says reset, it really means reset! 

You will have to reinstall everything again. Chat with support just in case they can recover anything for you or if you continue to have difficulties.  Sorry to bear bad news. 



I understand that perfectly. My problem was I couldn't access wordpress for some reason. If it was a clean reset, and it said 'successful reset', then I should be able to start over just as easily as the first time. But that wasn't the case. After installing Wordpress on the newly setup cpanel, clicking on the application would takes me to an error page. Whether the system needs some time to clear stuff or whatever, it's very inconvenient especially that there wasn't any notice that it could take some time to do whatever. I recon that is the case, because it's working now after 2 days -- 2 days. Oh, and about the chat support, godaddy ph doesn't have a chat support as far as I know. Or i'm just dumb 'coz I couldn't find it - I tried. LOL! And their free phone support is only available for the central region. I'm sure you mean well, thank you & have a good day/night!!! 😄