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Unable to INSERT code into database with PHP/MySQLi

Hi everyone! 


I'm having an issue with inserting with PHP/MySQLi and in the hope that I'm just doing something stupid I'm here to ask for help.


  • I'm using a premade code, that several other individuals are using with no problems, and have made no modifications to it
  • I've granted full user privileges to a new user when creating the database
  • I'm able to delete, modify and create but not able to insert
  • I can insert with no problems in PHPMyAdmin when in this database

This is a a snippet of the code. I can share the full code if needed, but as other people are using this same code without an issue I'm not sure if this is the problem. 


$result = $database->query("INSERT INTO `tcgs` (`name`,`url`,`cardsurl`,`cardspath`,`defaultauto`,`autoupload`,`lastupdated`,`status`,`format`) VALUE ('$name','$url','$cardsurl','$cardspath','$defaultauto','$autoupload','$today','$status','$format')");

if ( !$result ) { $error[] = "Error inserting row. ".mysqli_error().""; }


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Without seeing the rest of your code it's hard to say - but I would ask

1) are you able to open the connection to the database without error

2) do you have the tcgs table in your database

3) are you passing all of those variables to the function / script you are trying to run

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