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Unable to access SSH

I'm Unable to Access My SSH in cPanel.

Error Message Is ACCESS DENIED in putty.

I Contacted GoDaddy Customer Care For Twice ,they didn't respond correctly.

So Please Help me out .

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Unable to access SSH

Hi @chaitupinapaka,

what do you mean support 'didn't respond correctly'? I'm sure you are not using ssh correctly as you don't access ssh, you access with ssh!

read this:

and this:



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Helper VI

Re: Unable to access SSH

Step 1)Enable SSH through cPanel
Step 2) Obtain Special FTP Account credential.
Step 3) Download Putty.
Step 4) Install Putty.
Step 5) Run Putty
Step 6) Put your server information
Step 7) Login using your Special FTP Account credentials.
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

Re: Unable to access SSH

what about using public/private key pairs and PuTTy? Any way to configure PuTTy to avoid being prompted for username/password by using private key?