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Website keeps crashing with basically no traffic or used resources

The original title was going to be that the website crashes because of too many POST requests, but I no longer have any idea what's going on. 


I have a user status system used for a course I used to teach where clients get the current task and user status every 1000ms (through jQuery AJAX), with a maximum of 10 clients connected. I used to use it locally, but now need it to be online, which hasn't gone well so far. The site randomly crashes or takes a really long time to respond when two devices are connected (three AJAX POST requests every second), and a POST request is forced by updating the task or the user changing its status. There is no reason for this to crash or take such a long time, not even on a shared server like I'm using. I've seen other users post to this forum about issues with the post requests, but I need a personal answer to whether or not this is fixable, or if I have to switch to another host.


If you want to experience the issues first-hand, here is the website:

You can login with user: test, pwd: test, or join a class with room code 0123