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WordPress installation failing

I'm trying to implement WordPress in only one page which should be under /news.html but once I fill in all the fields, an error occurs:

! This install will require 21MB of available disk space to complete. Sufficient disk space is currently not available.

For assistance or to add additional disk space, contact your web hosting administrator.

Technical error: Unable to write `/home/public_html/news.html/deleteme.chanpy88.php'.


I've purchased a 100GB hosting plan....


The disk space part of the error is a little misleading, the installer is making an assumption about the space but it's probably mistaken.


The important part is Unable to write `/home/public_html/news.html/deleteme.chanpy88.php'


You either have folder permissions or a control file like .htaccess preventing the file from being saved. It seems a little odd that you're installing to the folder news.html.