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drupal 8

after playing around for about 24 hours I couldn't take it anymore and got a refund on my VPS. In the past everything was so easy and just seemed to work?  I started with pointing one of my domains to the VPS and then creating a cpanel user account and linking it to my domain. Went into installatron and attempted a drupal 8 install with an error message regarding a DB issue. I tried drupal 7 and it worked however the website couldn't be accessed without "www". I have never had so many issue's with an "out of the box" VPS. I literally did nothing but try to add a site and install drupal. No clue why things are so difficult now. One of the times I tried contacting support I got the response "This nerd stuff goes over my head" like really? why are you answering phones for VPS support? Tempted to try digital ocean but figured I would see what others tried here before I make another purchase.

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Greetings @Tlommy,


We welcome your comments in The Community. I know you were ready to get this working and I understand that. So, while I really don't want to be critical, I do have to ask. Was 24 hours enough time to allow to load applications, populate content, set the DNS and allow propagation? I suspect that urgency may have been a factor in the failure when you state "it worked with www, but not without". That is a resolvable concern and is sometimes related to propagation.


However, I will also admit that I have no excuse for the "over my head" comment other than to suggest it did not come out of our assigned hosting support group. I will note this for management review and/or team discussion as appropriate. In any case, I apologize for that response to a valid customer concern. Our staff can always draw on others or escalate if needed.


While it sounds like you have already decided to move on, we continue to welcome feedback and comments from others here, on your post or any other ones.


I wish you success going forward,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Yea, It definitely use to be enough time. A couple years back I had a "dedicated Virtual Server" I believe they called it then, never really had any issue's. I don't know why I had so many problems this last time. The support staff drove me crazy though. I was sure I was in VPS support and I felt like I had more knowledge than them, not a good feeling at all. I recall a couple years ago when I would call in for support (managed VPS) I still had people try and help me with problems. Now they just say sorry you are managed. Cant really help you. Also 'installotron' was broken for the recommended Drupal 8 package. It just seemed like nothing was working correctly and needed to be modified. 


I still use godaddy for my domain names but now that I found digital ocean, not sure I'll be back for hosting. It was super simple and took minutes to get up and running. I'll always be a go daddy customer for domains but I feel like the hosting side of the business isn't what it use to be.