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http to https direct on hosting plan with multiple domains / folders

I bought  UCC/SAN 5 SSL certificates plan and applied them to the domains in my deluxe hosting account. Each domain within this hosting account has a specific folder.  When using the standard code given to redirect http to https for some reasons the FOLDER name is being added to the URL when I type the domain in a browser.


For example, I type into chrome, FF, etc. What happens is that the FOLDER name is being added. and so the link does not work.


Nobody at godaddy can explain this or provide a solution. It makes it so you just can't use SSL on a hosting account that hosts multiple domains.


Somehow there must be .htaccess code that can solve this problem but nobody has a solution. I will send you money through PP if you can provide the exact code to put in .htaccess file so when the redirect happens it does NOT pick up the folder name that is in the hosting account for that specific domain name.


Hi @rcpleasehelp, thanks for posting.

This doesn't sound like an issue relating to an SSL. I suspect is a redirect issue or an issue with url rewriting. You may want to try temporarily renaming any .htaccess files on your hosting plan (to disable them) to see if that alleviates the issue. After testing, you can rename them back to .htaccess to re-enable them.


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