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"server not found" site not working

Godaddy changed my hosting plan and now my site doesn't work. All I see is a "server not found" message in the browser and the site doesn't load.


I can't get through to customer support via chat. Can anyone help me? What could be causing this?


The site is hosted by Godaddy but the domain was purchased elsewhere. I enquired with the domain registrar but they said the name servers are Godaddy's so were unable to help.


Thank you!



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Hi @grittedteeth (lol I hope after your experience here you may change your avatar name lol)


Firstly godaddy live chat is Arizona local time of 5am to 6pm. If when you go to look it says something like "sorry chat agents are not available", it doesn't necessarily mean they have deserted their posts and gone home for tea. It may just mean that all are busy in conversations helping folk. So first thing i like to do is check on my 'world clocks' before I contact support or clients. At the time I write this from dark Scotland, it is 2:15pm. So they are still there.


You say your hosting plan was 'changed', how do you mean?

Lastly, what is your domain name and I'll take a quick look Cat Happy

Hi @Retired,


I contacted godaddy to reset my login details around 2 weeks ago, and the sales person told me my hosting package was 'grandfathered' and had to be upgraded. They said this was hassle free, and no cost, they would migrate the site. I agreed, and so began 2 weeks of my website being completely offline.


First I was told, this will take "up to 72 hours" but a week later the site was still down. I was then told, no, we don't migrate sites for free, you'll have to pay. I refused - quoting the original chat - and they said okay, we'll "try" to migrate it for you, we'll email you and update you. Several days later, nobody has contacted me, my site is still down.

Your domain probably just needs to be pointed to the new location, for some reason migrations never include that last super simple part. Look in your my products page under hosting accounts and tell me what accounts you see and what domains are attached
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Hi @grittedteeth,

sent you a pm.


If you have trouble sending messages and stuff, try a different browser like FireFox.