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We're sorry to hear of your disappointment with GoDaddy customer service and understand it can be frustrating to miss a payment and lose your email. We apologize if you were given any conflicting information by the customer support team. Multiple emails are sent to alert a customer to failed billing with any product. If there was no auto-renewal on the product, an alert regarding expiration will be sent. But our attempt to renew will fail in the absence of that feature. If there was auto-renew applied, but the payment method failed, the notice will reflect the need for action on your side. Please check your spam folders for these renewal alerts and list "" as a preferred sender in the email address on your profile - so these alerts won't be missed in the future. 


Once an email plan expires, it remains inactive in the account for 20 days to allow for customer renewal and recovery. The addresses are then removed from the account. GoDaddy will hold backup data from emails for 14 days after that removal. Due to the large volume of email data on GoDaddy servers, a deadline is set to enable the continued storage for others in the timeline. If your time from expiration date to request for recovery exceeds 34 days, there will be no data to restore. If you have used an email client to pull your email from the server in the past (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc), you can recover backups by saving the data there. 






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