cPanel created by the WHMCS via GoDaddy reseller hosting

Hello. I recently purchased a GoDaddy reseller plan with WHMCS. The setup of the WHMCS is a step by step guided feature where it create a WHMCS account as well as a cPanel/WHM account. I want to change the username in the created cPanel, but can't find where to do it.  Now, the only why I'm able to even access the cPanel is to click the 3 dots next to the WHMCS login button in the GoDaddy hosting dashboard and selecting "File Manager". Once I do so, I then have to click on the "CP" Control Panel logo at the top left of the screen to get into cPanel. When looking in the list of accounts in WHM, that cPanel isn't there. The created cPanel is almost like a phantom cPanel. I know it exist cause I got in it and clicked around. I just can't find where GoDaddy keep the username and password setting as I can change it to something more useful. The auto-generated username is like s361yeihrkne blah blah. I'd like to name it something more useful.