Domain Transfering from GoDaddy to Route 53

Started the process about a week ago : 

I've Input the domain transfer authorisation key in Route 53 settings

Paid the Route 53 domain "fee" 

Received an email from GoDaddy : 


We got your transfer request for July 16, 2019, and we're just about ready to move to the new domain name registrar.
If you've changed your mind, you can still put a halt to the process. Just go to your account to decline the transfer before July 16, 2019.


It's now July 18 and... Route 53 (as well as is showing that the domain is still under GoDaddy management


Chatting with support is not working (for me) atm...


I snooped around my GoDaddy domain settings, and there was an "Accept or Decline" domain transfer option next to the domain status "transfer is pending"

I sellected Accept and within seconds i received the following email from GoDaddy.

We successfully completed your domain transfer.


That's all folks 😉 /issues-resolved

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Sounds good.  The transfer would automatically complete after 5 days, but you can also manually approve/decline the transfer in this time.  Here is the article for anyone looking for this in the future.


@RyanRuwaisWelcome to the Community!

well... the email said that on the 16th the transfer will be completed [and it was not]

also... the email did not say: go to your control panel and "accept/reject" the transfer. [it just says to reject it if i did not request this]



Hi @RyanRuwais,


You are correct, the email does not require you to accept the transfer, but there is a 5-7 transfer window during which you have the option to cancel the transfer if you didn't authorize it. If you do nothing, the domain will move at the end of that 5-7 holding period. Unlike most registrars, we also offer the option to expedite the transfer by clicking "Accept" as noted in the other reply. If more than 7 days have passed since you approved the transfer at the gaining registrar, please contact our support team so they can take a look to see what may be causing any delay. 





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