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I've been using the domain monitoring and back order service since 2009 trying to get the .com version of a domain that matches our company name and for which we already own the .us, the .biz, and virtually every other treatment EXCEPT for the .com.  The .com was horded by a pharmaceutical company and I was sold (by my GoDaddy representative) on the fact that as soon as the domain became available, I would be notified and they would place an order for it.  NOT!  Imagine my surprise when the domain pirates contacted me offering to sell my domain for a small fortune . . . no notification by GoDaddy - no alert indicating the domain may become available . . . just a curt hostage exchange message.  This service is a farce and GoDaddy wouldn't apologize or even acknowledge they missed the boat.  WOW - You also notice there is absolutely nowhere to leave a Google rating on the company.  Imagine that.  Well GD - you get 1 star from me.  Goodbye!

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Hey there @teldredge,


Sorry you've had a bad experience, but it sounds like maybe the domain was purchased from the company and never went back into the pot for public purchase. This happens pretty often, especially with domains that already have traffic going to them. 


I've bought several domains using the Domain Backorder service and have never once had an issue. It sounds like you may be blaming the product when, in reality, it was a savvy domainer that picked it up straight from the domain owner.

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@teldredge Technically I do not believe that the domain name became available otherwise you would've been notified that the domain name had expired and that it was in a redemption period. At Godaddy, all of their expired domains first go to an expired auction. More than likely someone bid on and won the domain and emailed potential buyers. It never technically expired so the backorder process wouldn't have occurred.


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I'm tending to agree. After you buy one, they won't show you what you bought.   It is a secret.  I've been spent 15 minutes looking all over the site for a list of backorders that I paid for, and can't find it anywhere.  No link under the top bar domain menu, or on that page.  No link on the side bar, though it will take you to a form to buy another one.  No link under my products domain.   Nothing on the help pages.   The guy on the chat doesn't know or won't tell me.  It looks like a money hole.


Then "All Products and Services > Domain Products > Domain Backorder > Manage"

I have only one domain on backorder, but it's presented as a row in a table that could potentially have many more rows.