GoDaddy's Domain Back up or Monitoring Service

I've been using the domain monitoring and back order service since 2009 trying to get the .com version of a domain that matches our company name and for which we already own the .us, the .biz, and virtually every other treatment EXCEPT for the .com.  The .com was horded by a pharmaceutical company and I was sold (by my GoDaddy representative) on the fact that as soon as the domain became available, I would be notified and they would place an order for it.  NOT!  Imagine my surprise when the domain pirates contacted me offering to sell my domain for a small fortune . . . no notification by GoDaddy - no alert indicating the domain may become available . . . just a curt hostage exchange message.  This service is a farce and GoDaddy wouldn't apologize or even acknowledge they missed the boat.  WOW - You also notice there is absolutely nowhere to leave a Google rating on the company.  Imagine that.  Well GD - you get 1 star from me.  Goodbye!